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An Open Letter to Techno Beaver - Your 5-Minute Twitter Guide to Becoming the King of all Tweets

April 29, 2009 No comments yet

Dear Gary Techno-Beaver Baba Booey Dell’Abate,

We get it. Howard handed you Twitter, but gave you no guidance. Some of us completely understand your confusion, and I’m here to (hopefully) help.

I didn’t hear today’s show, but I noticed you’re still tweeting Wendy the Retard’s life, and as funny as that was the first day, it’s providing zero value for Sirius-XM or the Howard Stern Show today.

I’ve heard you ask, “Who am I Twittering to,” every time the subject comes up, and for some reason you haven’t heard me yelling the answer into my receiver, so hopefully this letter finds its way to you.

First. let’s answer your main question: Who are you talking to?

I imagine you’re current followers are mostly Sirius-XM subscribers. Why? Because they hear you talking about it. BUT…daily, you’ll have new followers that are NOT subscribers. Let me explain why. I’m currently following you. I will be sending this post out to you over Twitter as soon as it’s done, and it will look like this:

@sternshow here’s a post that will hopefully help you out on Twitter.

Hopefully you’ll see this post and take the time to read it, but the fact that I sent it publicly means all of MY followers will also see it. My followers seem to like many of the things I like, so when they see @sternshow, there’s a good chance they’ll want to check you out. The thinking is, “If Shaun’s a friend of @sternshow, they must be pretty cool…maybe I’ll follow them too.”

So now 600 people have seen @sternshow from me. But wait…my Twitter account also links directly to my Facebook account! So now, my Facebook status will automatically say, “@sternshow here’s a post that will hopefully help you out on Twitter.” Facebook happens much slower than Twitter. That means that my almost 700 friends on there will have more time to see it. Ok, so now 1200 people have seen a trusted friend talk to @sternshow, and 100 people have seen it twice. But again, there’s more. My Twitter account links to my Facebook account, but it also links to my Friendfeed account. I’m guessing you’ve never heard of Friendfeed, and there’s probably no reason (yet) for you to have. Thing is, I have about 300 more friends there, and most of them aren’t my twitter or facebook friends. So now we’re up to 1500 people that know and trust me that have seen me talking to @sternshow. Out of those 1500 people, there might be 10% subscribers, which leaves 1350 possible subscribers. But wait, there’s still more (and this one’s hhhuuuuuuuugggggggggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeee) - this post discusses two popular things: Twitter, and Howard Stern. My followers, on any network, can share or retweet this post, and it will look like this:

RT @ekday: @sternshow here’s a post that will hopefully help you out on Twitter.

This starts the whole process over again. Many of my followers have thousands of followers, so the potential views of @sternshow could go into the millions - and that’s just from this post! Will it happen? I doubt it (though I hope it does), but it could. Hell, this post could land on the front page of Digg. With all this viral networking going on, you could be tweeting to a solid base of subscribers, but also hundreds of thousands of potential subscribers.

So What Should You be Doing?

You need to be personal. People don’t give a shit about @sternshow…they care about the person behind @sternshow. Just throw in a little personality, and take some PRIDE in it…otherwise, you’ll fail. The ideas I share here will take you 5 minutes to implement, and tweeting takes seconds. The more you have to say, and the more personal the details, the more people will interact with you - then you’re back to my first answer. You WANT people to talk to you. That way all of their friends have a chance to see @sternshow. If you don’t have a personality, and you don’t respond to people (not everyone), they’ll stop mentioning you.

Taking that one step further, you need to Follow people. This gives your fans the perception that you care about them. One of the best companies I’ve seen on Twitter is Scott Monty from Ford. Take a look at his Twitter page:

Scott is following 19,281 people - almost as many as they have following them. The updates are very personal, and many are customer service related. You won’t be doing any customer service tweets, but you could take a few minutes out of your day to just scan some of the tweets coming to you, and reply to them. I guarantee this will increase your followers, and the personal touch will make your non-subscribers want to subscribe to get to hear the person behind the twitter account. If that’s hard to understand, think of it this way….you have 20 millions listeners. The second you announced you were on Twitter, a large number of those listeners started following you on Twitter because they wanted more of you. Well, Twitter users are a VERY dedicated group (except the after-oprah fucks), and after getting to know you on here, they’ll want more of you.

Need example tweets?

The Wendy tweets were genius, but got old quickly. Your tweets telling people who’s coming on the show next are great. Your non-subscribers could start seeing that you interview tons of people they like, and that could get them to become Sirius-XM subscribers. Other than those, here are examples of tweets people would like, and that should only take you seconds to type:

- Artie just ate his 4th cupcake, and it’s only 7am! (this should get tons of people replying to you - and again, that’s a large part of your goal)

- Anyone want to recommend a song for us to come back from break to during the wrap-up show? (asking a question is ALWAYS a winner. Think of how many people will reply using @sternshow)

- I just saw Benji picking his nose, and wiping it under his console.

- We’re about to interview Playmate Irina Voronina - check her out here: (yeah, it’s a plug, but it makes it very easy for your fans to get a glimpse of her as you’re talking about her, or just before she comes in. Most phones have browsers now, so people can keep up from anywhere)

- Just got home. Time to fight for my piece of chicken so I can eat on my theater stools. (Just busting your balls, but this goes back to being personal. You have your cell at home, so why not tweet from home. Again, it only takes a few seconds, and this one little thing could double or triple your followers overnight. They want to know about YOU!).

I think that gives you an idea. We want stuff we can’t see. We also want stuff we’re not going to hear about. Telling us Benji just ran in late is amazing to hear because we’ll all be hyped up waiting for Howard to start reaming him.

You’re catching a lot of shit over your current twitter habits because they’re very clinical and feel like they have nothing to do with you or the Stern Show. Take the very little time it takes to nourish your Twitter account, and you’ll see new subscribers.

Need some tools?

There are a ton of items available to make Twitter even easier than it already is. Here are a few tools people, and articles to help you out:

Tweetdeck: A very good Twitter client. Now you don’t have to have it open in your browser.
Thwirl: Same idea as above, but I think it’s a much better alternative.
Twitterfox: This is the easiest to use, but has less features (and you don’t really need those extra features for what you’re doing). Only works with Firefox browser.

People Doing Twitter Right:
Robert Scoble

People Who Suck on Twitter:

Great Articles About Twitter:
- 4 Ways Companies Use Twitter for Business (ReadWriteWeb)
- Twitter: Building Businesses Tweet by Tweet (Business Week)
- 13 Twitter Tips and Tutorials for Beginners (TwiTip)

So in closing, I hope you’ll try these tips out. You’ll see they’re very easy to do, and the benefits far out-way the effort. I own stock in Sirius-XM, and I really, really want you guys to succeed. I see Twitter being a very easy way for you to grow and bring your fans closer together. Twitter can be overwhelming if you over-think it. Just focus on adding value to it by providing your followers with something they can’t see of hear.

Hopefully, with these tips, your Twitter life can be at a Nwine, even if your personal life is at a two.. Now do a few situps you fat fuck!

From a Caring Fan,
Nick Gerz

What Facebook Redesign Looks Like to Me

March 13, 2009 No comments yet


Twitter 101 - Twitter in Plain English

February 13, 2009 No comments yet

We’re going back to basics here. I’m asked daily, “What’s Twitter.”

Instead of searching for that perfect answer, I’ll let the amazing group at commoncraft explain it to you in Plain English.

Still Confused?

For a step-by-step guide on getting started with Twitter, check out Tweeternet. It’s chock full of great info to get you up and running.

Looking for Something More Advanced?

If you’re already using Twitter, but are looking for ways to get more out of it, head over and read 101 Business Twitter Ideas, Tactics and Strategies.

And now that you understand Twitter, come follow me.

The Birth of a Tweet

February 1, 2009 No comments yet


Following Twitter trends is an interesting habit. I checked the trends today, expecting to see superbowl, and all superbowl related terms flooding the list - which they were. But there was another trend that surprised me….”How Twitter Was Born.”

I guess I never really thought about the birth of Twitter, but checking out the tweets in that trending phrase, they all seemed to point to a post by the same name, How Twitter Was Born. I clicked through, and was amazed at how interesting the post was.

Take a few minutes and go check it out. It’s a must-read for any Twitter user out there.

News Junkie? Get Your Fix at Alltop

January 28, 2009 No comments yet


I’ll admit, I’m addicted to Alltop. If you’re unfamiliar with the service, I’ll do my best to get you up to speed.

Let’s start with the basics. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a way for sites to deliver their content to you via a feed reader. If you’re unfamiliar with this, don’t sweat it….I’ll cover it in detail on here soon. What you need to know is that you can set up a feed reader to “catch” all your feeds in one place - eliminating the need to visit multiple sites daily/hourly. I have well over 300 feeds in my feed reader that I use to find new software, news about social media happenings, technology, and a ton of other things. It’s a great source for inspiration or breaking news.

No One Will Talk With You on Twitter or Friendfeed? 20 Ideas of What You Should do to Get Conversations Going

January 26, 2009 No comments yet

I’ve made the decision to start featuring interesting people I meet online, and I guess there’s no better day than today. Robert Scoble is a self-proclaimed Tech geek blogger, and he’s probably the biggest celebrity blogger around. I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about him when you could just read about him elsewhere, read his blog, or follow him on Twitter.

The reason I feel the need to bring Scoble up today is an interesting list he started on Friendfeed. I “borrowed” the title of his list for the title of this post - hope you don’t mind Robert.

Here’s what’s going on. Robert is building a list in the comments section, and other readers are adding their own tips. It’s a great idea, fantastic topic, and the list has become a nice resource… I’ve added it to Vivid! for your learning pleasure.

Be a Social Media Spy

January 25, 2009 No comments yet


There’s a lot to be said about knowing what others are saying about YOU. With social media blowing up, more and more people are finding their voice on the internet. Sometimes, knowing what people are saying about you is hard to find, but now there’s a site that can help.

Spy can listen in on the social media conversations you’re interested in. You tell Spy what you’re looking for, and it searches conversations on Twitter, Friendfeed, Flickr, blog comments, Yahoo news, blogs, and Google Reader to find your keywords. I tried a few, and though it takes it a few minutes to get your results, the depth of the results surprised me - in a good way.

If you want to know what people are saying about you, your company, or your brand, give Spy a chance. I wouldn’t be a good social media coach if I didn’t also tell you to try to involve yourself in the conversations you find in the results. This will speak volumes about your company. One great example of this is the invoicing product Freshbooks. Every time I mention them somewhere (and my unhealthy love for the service), they seem to show up and comment. Maybe they’ll even show up here!

Twitter Whore

January 25, 2009 No comments yet

These are quite possibly the funniest videos about Twitter I have ever seen.
Part 1

Part 2

Even Obama Does it - Social Media Plans for the White House

January 24, 2009 No comments yet

Photo Courtesy <a href="">alexandra.matzke</a>
I just ran across a post on TechCrunch called How Obama Will Use Web Technology, and it’s a very interesting read. As the title implies, they discuss the plans Obama’s team has for continuing their web presence. Make sure you take a few minutes and check it out.

Obama’s team led a very effective campaign and used social media to help its grassroots effort. The result was one of the most impressive Presidential victories in history. If that doesn’t show you the power of social media, nothing will.

7 Great Places to Find Free Twitter Logos

January 24, 2009 No comments yet

If you’re a fan of Twitter, and really…who isn’t, you might be looking for a Twitter icon to use on your site to get people to follow you. Below are 7 places to find original Twitter icons and graphics that can be used freely.

1. Smashing Magazine

This is a link to a “Twitter Icon” search on Smashing Magazine. These guys are an amazing resource for icons, and other free web tools.

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